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Tong Mern Sern Antiques Arts & Crafts. Was establish in the 1972,
The owner Mr Keng Ah Wong, the father of two children and a wife.

He had bought the shop for his business more than 30 years ago and the shop décor has been purposely retained for its historical feel since.

“One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure” is the motto of Mr Keng he love his motto.

He runs the business by buying old things from karang guni men and Sungei Road among other sources like he sources his second-hand goods from all over Singapore: ‘Some people bring them, [others] call him and ask him to go buy when they are moving house, and selling them to people who have an eye for old collectibles.

It’s located in a conserved pre-war shop house in the Tanjong Pagar area, his shop is a treasure trove of everything imaginable–from an old Chinese four-poster bed, to porcelain bowls, old jewellery, to figurines, furniture and lights. It is a well-loved haunt of both local and expatriate antique collectors alike.

Collecting old things has been a lifelong passion for Mr Keng. As a child, he used to scrounge around for items discarded by people who were moving homes and take them home, much to the chagrin of his mother who would often throw his “junk” away.

Mr Keng had to overcome great hurdles initially, due to total lack of experience in running a business, and opposition from his family who felt that a business selling somebody else’s junk would not succeed. He conquered his lack of experience by learning from his early customers, mostly expatriates, who would tell him what they wanted and how to restore the items. Over time, he succeeded in building up a profitable antiques business. Today, his three-storey shophouse is staffed by a carpenter, shop assistant, and his wife, who helps him with the paperwork.

His passion for working with old things is such that he would rather not retire, but run the business as long as he can manage to do so.

In his shop there are lots to be found; old typewriters, reconditioned fans, enamel plateware, vintage furniture, old suitcases, pictures and paintings galore, glassware, Peranakan tiles…..you will even found a vintage pinball machine.  Half the fun of this shop is the digging around in the dust and haggling with the owner, Keng Ah Wong.

Because of his burgeoning trove and exhaustive inventory, he is reluctant to recommend gift ideas. He will tell you ‘It depends on the person and what they like, whatever you want, I have more upstairs.’ So you must be ready to go for a treasure hunt in the three-storey shophouse.

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